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    $2.00 off per full case on SELECT Oringer/ Concord Toppings

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    Rebate is available from April 1 - June 30, 2017 only on the following 
    Oringer/Concord products available through Regional Distributors, Inc.:

    RDI#      Description

    16281      41488 Concord Strawberry RTU Topping

    16181      41462 Concord Red Raspberry RTU Topping 

    16184      41460 Concord Blueberry RTU Topping

    16185      41485 Concord Wild Cherry RTU Topping

    16187      41463 Concord Apple RTU Topping

    16188      103G Concord Chocolate RTU Syrup

    16177      421 Concord Peanut Butter RTU Topping

    16271      509 Concord Marshmallow RTU Topping

    16182      413 Concord Caramel RTU Topping

    16270      40464 PDI Premium Hot Milk Fudge Topping

    Can be combined with our Sweet Spring Promo ($2.00 per full case of toppings, syrups, sauces, and cones). For a sampling of products, view our Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt pages.

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